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Disability Support Office

The Disability Support Office (DSO) is a department in Shinawatra University dedicated to providing support and accommodations for students with disabilities. The primary goal of the DSO is to ensure that all students, regardless of disability, have equal access to education and campus life.

The DSO works with students to identify and implement necessary accommodations, such as extended testing time, note-taking assistance, accessible classroom materials, and physical accessibility to campus facilities. It also offers guidance on available resources and services both on and off campus to support the needs of students with disabilities.

The DSO Office reports to Vice president. The DSO team ( is comprised of:

Dean of Student Affairs – Head of Facilities Management

Dormitory Manager – Director of Accommodations and Accessibility Services

Buildings & Maintenance Officer – Business Officer

Buildings & Maintenance Officer – Business Officer

Student Affairs Administrator – Secretary

The school building is easily accessible with an elevator to all floors and accessible restrooms.