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Training, Workshops, and Courses: Where Learning Extends Beyond the Classroom

At Shinawatra University, we’re dedicated to creating an educational experience that transcends the boundaries of conventional classrooms. We’re firm believers in the transformative power of lifelong learning. Understanding that true education goes beyond mere textbooks and lectures, we embrace a holistic approach encompassing many personal and professional growth opportunities. We empower our students to thrive academically and personally through engaging workshops, specialized training sessions, and diverse courses. Join us on a journey of continuous learning and development at Shinawatra University.

Education has emerged as a potent force for driving change towards a sustainable future. The concept of “Sustainable Educational Knowledge Exchange” embodies the transformative power of sharing knowledge, best practices, and innovative techniques aimed at fostering environmentally conscious and socially responsible communities.

This exchange of sustainable educational information serves as a conduit for bridging gaps among diverse stakeholders, ranging from educators and scholars to policymakers and local communities. By facilitating collaboration and dialogue, it promotes the dissemination of impactful ideas and effective solutions to pressing environmental challenges.

At the core of our endeavor is the establishment of a global network comprising individuals and organizations committed to sustainability. Through the exchange of ideas and experiences, this network facilitates the cross-border transfer of successful sustainability initiatives, fostering a sense of solidarity and collective responsibility for the well-being of our planet.

The benefits of sustainable educational knowledge exchange are manifold. It enhances community resilience by equipping individuals with the skills to adapt to changing environments and cultivates leadership abilities, empowering people to advocate for sustainability within their communities.

At Shinawatra, we integrate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into select courses, aiming to inspire the next generation to champion positive change. Some of these courses include, but are not limited to:

– 1102442 Entrepreneurial Ethics and Social Responsibility

– 1102101 Principles of Marketing

– 1002102 Economics for Everyday Life

– 1102411 Cross-cultural Management

Through these initiatives, we strive to instill in our students a deep-seated commitment to sustainability and empower them to become catalysts for meaningful transformation in society.