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Entering the TCI (Thai Citation Index Journal) Database

The Shinawatra University Academic Journal Establishment Project

March 21, 2024

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone achieved by Shinawatra University in its academic endeavors. The Shinawatra University Academic Journal Establishment Project has reached a momentous stage by entering the TCI (Thai Citation Index Journal) database as of March 21, 2024.

Under the guidance of Associate Professor. Dr. Ratthabut Khumsap, Vice President of Shinawatra University, a pivotal meeting was chaired to report the progress of this project. The meeting brought together representatives from all faculties of Shinawatra University, who collectively shared updates and advancements in the establishment of academic journals across various disciplines.

The working group spearheading this initiative has successfully overseen the development of three distinct issues, covering a wide spectrum of subjects vital to academia:

1. Science Journal

2. Political Science Journal

3. Arts and Culture Journal

Each of these journals promises to contribute valuable insights and scholarly work to their respective fields, showcasing the depth and diversity of research conducted at Shinawatra University.

The participation and collaboration of representatives from all faculties underscore the university’s commitment to fostering interdisciplinary dialogue and scholarly exchange.

With this significant achievement, we are confident that all three Shinawatra University academic journals will soon be recognized within the TCI database, further enhancing the visibility and impact of our scholarly output on a national and international scale. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to strive for excellence in academia at Shinawatra University!