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Planting Mangrove Project at Klong Klone, Samutsongkarm, Thailand.

Organized by Faculty of Management, Shinawatra University, November 24th, 2023.

The projects spearheaded by Shinawatra University are geared towards deepening comprehension and addressing the challenges confronting coastal communities, with a particular emphasis on Sufficiency Economy principles. This multifaceted initiative encompasses several key components, including conducting studies to understand the living conditions of coastal communities, exploring coastal conservation through initiatives such as mangrove reforestation and the promotion of community tourism, and fostering the development of local wisdom to drive innovations in the conservation of natural resources along the coastline. Additionally, the project is dedicated to implementing creative tourism activities aimed at bolstering the conservation of marine natural resources.

Fundamentally, the project is laser-focused on achieving the objectives outlined in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly in empowering the next generation with the necessary skills to conserve resources and foster a sustainable environment. Through the integration of Sufficiency Economy principles and active community participation, the project endeavors to support sustainable development efforts and engender positive impacts on coastal ecosystems and the overall well-being of local communities. To effectively evaluate these projects in alignment with SDG principles, we will employ measurement tools such as questionnaires tailored to assess their adherence to sustainability goals and their impact on the community and environment.


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